Choosing an attorney to represent you is an important step in the process.  Some things to look for when choosing a lawyer include: his or her experience level in the disability field, the comfort level you feel in speaking with the attorney, availability of the attorney to answer your questions, and professionalism of the staff.  Most lawyers are often in court or meeting with clients and may not be available when you call, but should try to return calls or emails promptly when free or back in the office.  Recently, a few "nationwide" disability firms have come on the scene, but client satisfaction with these firms may be mixed, and there are certainly advantages to working with a local or regional law firm.  In addition, you may want to be wary of some "disability firms" in which you may not even get a licensed attorney to represent you.  Also, an attorney who practices primarily in the area of disability should be a member of the National Organization of Social Security Representatives (NOSSCR), which is the primary organization to provide support services for disability lawyers.